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EDFA with WDM 1550 Transmitter

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Short Description:Optical Transmitter, EDFA, wdm edfa, gain edfa, PON and CATV EDFA



  • Analog CATV Transmission
  • FTTH Optical Access
  • Optical Distribution
  • Free Space Optical
  • R&D and Training



◆High Power:Up to 2W total,1 Unit for 2000~4000 optical node

◆Low Noise Figure:Below 5.5dB ( +5dBm input)

◆Er Yb co-doped DCF Amplify Technology:Patent Pump Dump Technology

◆Low CSO: <-70dBc

◆23dBm×N,20dBm×N or 17dBm×N output is optional

◆Controllability and maneuverability: Dual CPU to deal Control loop and Communication separately

◆High Stability And Reliability:MTTF>150000 Hours

◆Redundancy Hot Swap power module: 110/220VAC and 48VDC can plug Mix

◆Perfect Network Interface:Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232 port

◆Support Telnet and SNMP network management

◆Intelligent Temperature Control System: using a dedicated Temperature control chip which make cooling and power loss reduce 30% than competitors

◆Output Power can be Adjustable by network and manual

◆Integrated 1310nm,1490nm,1550nm WDM (Optional)


OEM, Module is available



Optical characteristics


Parameter Symbol MIN TYP MAX UNITS
Operating Wavelength λc 1540 1550 1565 nm
Saturated Output Power Note1 Po 13 —— 33 dBm
Input Power Pi -3 —— +10 dBm
Gain G —— —— 30 dB
Noise Figure        Note2 NF —— —— 6 dB
Output Power Stability ΔPo —– ±0.05 ±0.2 dB
Input Isolator ISOi 30 ——- —— dB
Output Isolator ISOo 30 ——- —— dB
Input Pump Leakage PLi ——- ——- -35 dBm
Output Pump Leakage PLo ——- ——- -45 dBm
Return Loss RL ——- ——- -45 dB
Polarization Dependent Gain PDG —— ——- 0.3 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion PMD —— ——- 0.5 ps

Note 1:Optional

Note 2:Tested at +5dBm Input

Environmental characteristics

Parameter Symbol MIN TYP MAX UNITS
Operating Temperature Tw -5 —– 60
Storage Temperature Ts -40 —– 80
Humidity   Note —— 10 —— 90 %

Note: No Condensate

Electrical Characteristics

Parameter Symbol MIN TYP MAX UNITS
Power Supply(1) Vps 170   264 VAC
Power consumption P —– —– 50 W


(1): 110VAC,220VAC and -48VDC is optional, and duplicate supply is optional.